This is the official blog of am, I be designs.

One of my best friends, Laura Thompson, made a little teaser trailer for a video installation project she did called Interference

Expect some new and exciting changes to come to am, I be designs!

Yesterday, I had one of my friends genuinely tell me how proud she is of me for going for my unrealistic dreams and actually accomplishing something.

It was really nice to hear especially because lately I feel like I’m doing a ridiculous amount  of work and haven’t seen much of a payoff.

Am I Be Designs is going to be sold by Tres Boutique online at!

I really want these tights made by Les Queues De Sardines!

I would really like to add some framed insects to my strange collection of things… I think I might start with this.

Seriously the ladies that run OtherWild are such an inspiration to me. I hope I will be able to open my own OtherWild-esque store someday.

My Favorite. Always.

Keep an eye out for this necklace which might make an appearance in the next season of 90210!